Using Seesaw to Connect with Learners and Families


For Teachers Already Using See Saw

Many of us use Seesaw already to connect our families to the learning going on in our classrooms, and to have students document and share the work they do with us daily.

Seesaw also has the ability for you as a teacher to create, modify, assign and monitor learning activities for your students, remotely. 

If you already have a Seesaw account and families connected through the app, the transition can be quite seamless. Watch the video below on Remote Learning for Teachers already using Seesaw.

Their YouTube channel has many excellent resources for you as a teacher and for families as well, which you may find useful.

Along with videos, Seesaw also has online supports, print materials for families and helpful information as you are setting up for remote learning activities.

If you are feeling well versed and ready to dive in to the set up, here are some places to start from within your own account home page.

When you login to your account, you will see your home page with your classrooms

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At the top of the page Seesaw has added a link to help users explore how they can use Seesaw for Home Learning.  You will also note that inside the green Add button you already have the option to Assign an Activity. However, before you do so, you will need to ensure that your students are able to access their account remotely.

When you click on the Using Seesaw for Home Learning button, you will find log in codes to send out to each student or family via email, so that students can get secure access to their leaning portfolio, see the activities you assign and post responses with the assurance that no one else will be able to access their portfolio.

Once your students and families each have their codes you can add an activity. When you add an activity, Seesaw has options for you there as well; you can post to the whole class, or individuals, allowing you to meet the needs of each of your students. 

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If you have never created an activity for students before, Seesaw also has a Community button, which leads to a bank of activities which have been made by other educators for your reference.

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For Teachers New to Seesaw

If you are new or just starting out with Seesaw, here is the link to their home page.

In its most basic form Seesaw is an app to help students and classes create a digital learning portfolio to collect the learning from the classroom to share with families.  Getting started with SeeSaw

Set up is quite simple  (SeeSaw) with both written and online tutorials available, along with a Youtube Channel for video support in setup as well.

Seesaw also can also act as a remote learning platform, to allow you as a teacher to now connect with your students and families at home.  Seesaw has created a full set of instructions and resources to help educators use Seesaw for remote learning.  Remote Learning with SeeSaw

Seesaw also has tutorial videos for teachers new to using Seesaw, to help with the set up for remote learning for you, your students and families.