Preparing for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar


Ensure You Have the Confirmation Invite

If you registered, you will have been sent a confirmation email with the link to the session. If you did not, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder, as it often gets put in there. You can approve the address as “safe” so that future emails arrive as well.

If You Can, Install the Zoom Client

Zoom works best with the Zoom client.  To ensure you have the client installed, visit Please do this prior to the meeting and give yourself time to troubleshoot, especially if you have not previously attended a Zoom meeting.

Once there, you will be presented with this:

Click the “Join” button and you will be given the option to “Open Zoom Meetings

If Zoom is already installed on your machine, you can click “Open Zoom Meetings” to enter a test meeting where you can test your camera and microphone.

If everything works, you are good to go!

If You Can Not Install Zoom

If Zoom is not installed, you can click “download & run Zoom” to attempt to download Zoom.

Zoom states that it does not require administrator privileges to install, but we have received reports that some people can not install.

If you can not install Zoom, there may be an option below to “start from your browser”:

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

but depending on the features of the meeting, you may receive this message:

If this is the case, you will not be able to join the meeting with a browser.

Zoom Will Work from a Mobile Device

If you have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone), you can download Zoom from the App Store (click the “App Store” link to download to your device).

The icon looks like this:

For Android devices, you can download from the Google Play Store (click the “Google Play Store” link to download to your device), and has the same icon.

Once installed on your device, clicking the link in the confirmation email will bring you into the meeting.

Test Before Joining After you have completed the above steps, please re-visit to ensure everything is working. Please do this prior to the meeting date to ensure you have access.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.