Guidelines for School Re-entry (Kevin Cameron Resources)

Guidelines for Re-entry

Welcome to the start of a new school year. In anticipation of the days and weeks ahead, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has collaborated with Kevin Cameron to develop a facilitation guide for use by principals and vice-principals as you prepare school personnel for re-entry into the school community.

The facilitation guide was created as a supplement to the video series authored by Kevin Cameron based on the Guidelines for Re-Entry into the School Setting During the Pandemic. 

To access the video series that Kevin Cameron created that accompanies the facilitation guide (below), visit the NACTATR site and click on the link labeled “Link to Video Series”, which will direct you to a sign in page. If you haven’t already done so, click the “Register” button to get access.

Resource Materials for Printing:

Accessing the Videos

1. To access the videos:Visit the NACTATR site

2. Click the link to the video series:

3. If you haven’t already, click the “Register” button

4. Once signed up, log in and click “Start” on “Guidelines for Re-Entry Training Resources”

5. Then in the top right, you must “Enroll” in the course:

All of the content should then be visible.