Early Report Card

Early Report Card

J. Kevin Cameron and Dr. Marleen Wong

Zoom with: J. Kevin Cameron and Dr. Marleen Wong (Biography)

On November 4th the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation hosted the following event.

For All School-Related Professionals: This is a trauma-informed assessment of Phase One (“Implementation for School Re-Engagement”) which includes the first two months of school with either in-seat classroom attendance, remote learning or some combinations of both. This is the first of a series of calls for professionals looking to understand and assess current dynamics and find new strategies to continue to move forward supporting all of our children and youth. An overarching focus of this presentation is how to manage the pandemic well with data-driven assessments that result in data-driven interventions for individuals of concern or entire student or staff groups.

Description: The second month anniversary since the return to school re-engagement will soon be upon us and its’ conclusion will mark the beginning of Phase Two (“Initial Assessment and Review”) of our response to support schools, families and communities regarding the social-emotional and traumatic impact of the pandemic. As noted regarding our “Guidelines for Re-Entry into the School Setting During the Pandemic: Managing the Social-Emotional and Traumatic Impact”, the foundation we lay in the two months will be the springboard for how the rest of the year will look. However, understanding the impact of trauma on human systems like families, schools and communities means we can constantly recalibrate with insight and understanding and make corrections to our chartered course. This Zoom meeting will address:

  1. Clinical presentations among students
  2. Less predicted but now common responses to the pandemic
  3. New dynamics in schools and communities
  4. Managing COVID-specific behaviours
  5. Traumatic growth
  6. Current questions and answers (Live)

Time: 90 minutes total (one hour of instruction and 30 minutes of Q and A)

Target Audience:  School-based administrators and education sector leaders